the sunday skinny

3 Jun

It’s officially Sunday, our favorite day to hang out, veg out, and dish it out… our best of the week that is!  The Sunday skinny is our weekly post confessing what made us happiest over the past six days.  A lá style of “Friday Favorites” written by everyone’s favorite Cali-girl, Lauren Conrad, here is the skinny on this week!

  • favorite nails

Bring the party to your fingers with blue hue’d tips & one glitter nail {Kiko 389 + Milani Silver polish)

  • favorite quote

Why shouldn’t everyday be exciting?

  • favorite beach hair

The bandana look is not only easy and perfect for hot weather, but is also making a huge comeback since Rosie the Riveter last rocked it.

  • favorite scent

Grass. No, I’m not talking about eu de parfum grass edition. I’m talking about straight up fresh cut grass. Nothing smells like the start of summer quite like the outdoorsy aroma lingering in the air after the lawn mower has done its job.

  • favorite fun exercise

Lately I’ve been totally bike crazed. After I had enough of the gym during the winter months and switched to running, it quickly became mundane. Pulling out the two wheeler and hitting the streets turned out to be a great way to mix up work outs.

  • favorite app

To go along with my new cycling obsession, I downloaded this app – Map My Tracks – the app that for .99 cents will track your distance, speed, elevation, and burned calories, as well as keep track of where you went on your ride! Even if you don’t take up my biking challenge, this app has a setting for just about every mobile workout from running to hot air ballooning and paddle boarding.




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