all hail the long tail

6 Jun

A skirt that is as much business in the back as it is party in the front, this super-chic style takes on the mullet look with a new twist. The light and airy fabric is sexy at mid-thigh and gradually gets longer at the sides and back, hitting just around the calf line. Boys will be drooling over sky-high legs and girls will be envious of the fashion-forward purchase. Case and point, I must get one of these.

Another plus: accessorizing. Whether dressing up for a fancy evening out or playing it casual with friends, accessories are a big part of the versatility of this look. Flats or heels, chunky or dainty jewelry, tank top or blouse–playing the skirt up or down is simple and allows for personalization, making the look as unique and chic as you are.

The problem comes into choosing exactly which type of long tail skirt to get. They come in a variety of colors, fabrics, waistlines and hem lengths. How can a girl choose? I personally am a fan of the pastel colored chiffon skirts, but the more I look the more I like! Here are a few to get your wish list started:







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