the sunday skinny

8 Jul

The end of a fabulous fourth of July week can only mean one thing: new favorites!  From american flag obsessed DIY-ers to celebrity drama surrounding Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s divorce (you go Katie!) this week has it all. So as you wind down from a week of food, friends, parties and people proclaiming their love for “‘murica,” take a second to check out of our favorites.

Favorite beverage:

Sangria is easily one of the best treats of summer. Fruit, wine and deliciousness all in one pretty little pitcher, what could be better? This is a must try.

Favorite ‘merica-themed DIY:

Cute and patriotic! These shorts are easy to make and look adorable with almost any white top. A perfect fourth of July outfit!

Favorite abs:

Okay so it’s not a new favorite, but Channing Tatum’s abs are at a whole new level is his movie Magic Mike. We all know that Channing’s midsection has been famous since their debut in Step Up, but this latest movie features the up close and personal version. Be prepared to drool ladies.

Favorite silly:

These mugs would make a cute gift!

Favorite brilliant idea:

This looks so easy, cute, and personalized. So many options at a low cost!



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