give me more polyvore

1 Aug

Calling all wanna be fashionistas, magazine writers, and it girls!  I just discovered the web site that lets you do it all – Polyvore!

You can probably tell that I’m pretty stoked off of this new internet find based off the fact that I’m two for two in exclamations points (I promise I’ll stop now).  But seriously, polyvore is pretty damn cool.

I always see collages of perfectly coordinated and incredibly trendy outfits popping up on Pinterest, and obviously I repin them, but I always wondered where they came from and who was making all of them.  Finally, an answer to the questions that keep me up at night.

The online network for creative minds and fashion gurus allows users to browse through seemingly endless pages of everything from tops, skirts, accessories, jewelry and backgrounds on their way to creating their perfect looks.  Needless to say, it’s addicting.

Here are some of my first Polyvore creations:

dinner for two in cali? no problem

for your inner baddass

let’s do lunch on newbury street

be a tribal beach goddess

they also offer pre-made backgrounds to make your collection look even better!

Have your own Polyvore creations? Share them here! Or check in on Polyvore: find me here!



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