stud me maybe?

8 Aug

While we can’t all be as rocker-chick fierce as the beloved Rihanna, the time has come for the inner bad girl inside to come out of the steel fastened, leather bound closet she has been chained to for so long—and fashionably! A hint of the bad girl image with a fashion forward spin (and without looking like you just stepped out of a rock concert) can only mean one thing: studs.

While leather jeggings may need to remain locked in a trunk for a few more years (who knows, they could come back!), studs are the perfect rocker-bling medium that can add a little edge to any outfit. From high-wasted shorts to bags to belts to shoes and everything in between, studs offer the versatility to be bold or subtle, depending on how many you use.

Another great upside to this look: customization. Buying studded apparel often comes with a large price tag, one that’s just too high for those of us saving every dollar we make this summer for things we need to buy at school (and I don’t mean pencils). The bright side of this comes with three little letters: DIY! Studs can be purchased online or in craft stores and can be applied to almost anything. The process seems a little difficult but definitely worth it when you can create your own personalized clothing.

So whether you’re already a hard-core rocker or just looking to add an edgy vibe to your wardrobe, do your inner Ri Ri a favor and embrace the studs.

Here are some of my favorites:

Happy studding!



One Response to “stud me maybe?”

  1. 529scout August 18, 2012 at 8:07 pm #

    I’ve wanted that studded bra for friggin’ ages!!!!

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