DIY dream catcher

21 Aug

Dream catchers are making a comeback everywhere from tattoos to phone cases to jewelry, so why not have a real one in your dorm?

This project was extremely easy and fun to make, but it did require a lot of materials.

  1. Supplies {some that I used}: a round wooden hoop, a doily, string, beads, twine, lace, a hot glue gun, shells, feathers, and ribbon
  2. Wrap the twine {or any kind of chord} around the outside of the hoop using hot glue every few inches to hold it in place.

shannon demonstrating how to glue and wrap

3. After you’ve finished wrapping the whole hoop, use thread to weave in and out of the doily and around the hoop the secure the doily in the center.

the base

4. Start adding any kind of dangling strings that you want! This is the most creative and enjoyable part of the project.  Vary the lengths and the kind of material that you use as you go along.  I chose to keep mine pretty neutral with the exception of a few colored beads and ribbons.

the final product














here’s a link to the dream catcher that inspired mine!



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