the sunday skinny

7 Oct

With two weekends of the lovely October under our belt, it is hard to ignore all that is wonderful about autumn… not that I’m trying to.  As I meander through the historically scenic streets of downtown Boston, my college home, I am surrounded by crimson leaves and  burnt foliage that make me crave everything apple and cinnamon flavored.  As a Connecticut girl, I’m accustomed to seasonal activities like apple picking and pumpkin patch scouring which are kind of tricky to do in a city.  Luckily, Boston is fulfilling my unrelenting desire for full on fall immersion with plenty of farmers markets with fresh apple cider and mini pumpkins perfect for my dorm desk.  You could say I’m experiencing a fall frenzy.

Therefore, I dedicate this sunday skinny to all that is fresh and fun about fall.

Favorite Pumpkin Decoration:

Turn an traditional October staple into a trendy decoration by painting the outside of a small pumpkin with glitter, and carving out the inside to fit a fall scented candle.

Favorite Fall Drink:

Easy and simple: hot apple cider. All you need is a mug, a jug of cider, a microwave, and a cozy chair to drink it in.

Favorite Fall Look:

This look captures the essence of relaxed style, which makes it perfect for a day of fall festivities.

Favorite Fall Food:

A classic comfort food to ease you into the colder weather.

Favorite Fall Foliage:

I dare you to find a sight more enchanting than New England in the fall.

If this doesn’t leave you craving a pumpkin spiced latte, I don’t know what will.



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