chambray showers

3 Dec

If only we could time warp back to 2007 when life was supremely simpler and wearing just one layer of clothes was the accepted norm. It was a time when a sweater and jeans were proper winter attire and Demi and Ashton defied the sky rocketing Hollywood divorce rate. Jump forward five years to 2012, where winter fashion means donning approximately fifteen sweltering layers and Ashton is just as hated for his infidelity as Chris Brown is for beating Rihanna.

It’s true, who can deny a look that allows us to eat as much of the leftover pumpkin pie and caramel turtles as we want with no indication that there’s a fully formed food baby kicking beneath the depths of clothes? It’s only until you realize each layer acts like a personal heated blanket trapping sweat beneath your Kensie oversized sweater that you begin to rethink the value of layers (and how much you actually need to go to the class that’s conveniently on the opposite side of campus).

Enter the chambray shirt, more commonly known as God’s gift to fashionistas everywhere. Lightweight and virtually impossible to screw up, this jean material top can be thrown on as an under, over, or in-between layer. Colors can range from light to dark wash, ombre, or patterned, and often have stylistic buttons or snaps down the front. Others come studded or with sequins, depending on how versatile and unique you want the look to be.

Chambray can be easily paired with patterns of all kinds, and flawlessly accents knit sweaters to add a preppy feel to any outfit. Layers do look awesome with this shirt, but don’t try and overkill it by throwing on everything in your closet. It can also stand alone as a more polished piece when buttoned and paired with black pants or colored jeans. Add chunky jewelry or an infinity scarf for dimension and color.

Still questioning the magical powers of the chambray shirt? Check out the looks below for a little inspiration.










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  1. calluswhatever December 3, 2012 at 3:09 pm #

    loved the outfits!


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