Ever since that oh so magical moment when we met in second grade and became best friends, we have been as cliché-ly inseparable as it gets. Growing up together, we have done everything from working at the same job to getting our driving permits to becoming dance team captains to getting our cartilages pierced. We answer when we are called the wrong name and have spent more days at each other’s houses than at our own.

We ended up going to separate colleges (devastating, we know), but chose to seek the same career path without even planning it. As journalism majors, our passions have led us to desire jobs in the PR, magazine, and fashion worlds. Home for the summer, we decided to put our creativity and shared interests to good use by creating a blog.

Here you will find our ramblings, confessions and addictions. You will encounter our take on trends, entertainment, and anything that we find worthwhile. Along the way, you will learn about us, our lives and what we do.

This blog is about what we love, and we hope you love it too.

It’ll be a time and a half.


Kels & Shan



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