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halloweekend inspiration

16 Oct

In the upcoming week, college girls across the nation will be faced with an extraordinary predicament.  No, it is not the inevitable yet dreaded midterm season that boosts stress levels through the roof.  Nor is it parents’ weekend, when mom and dad get the prime opportunity to mortify their offspring by piling every single “food” item in the dining hall high on a plastic tray while sporting a broad grin and gaudy fan wear.  While these events are less than pleasing, the situation I am discussing is far more taxing on the collegiate’s psyche.

“What the eff am I going to be for halloween?”

Correction: halloweekend, the name given to the entire weekend devoted to dressing up in frivolous get-ups and hitting up all the right costume parties.  For her whole life, the college girl has been preparing for this event each October 31 when she dressed up to go trick-or-treating.  But now the stakes have been raised.  Long gone are the days of throwing on a cape and a witch’s hat.  A collegiate’s costume should be sexy, but not slutty. It should be creative, but not warrant “who invited the freak” looks ahem Cady Heron.  And it will be seen in the hundreds of pictures and selfies guaranteed to be taken that night and documented for eternity on Facebook.

And this year, as Halloween is on a Wednesday…. two halloweekends in a row? What’s a girl to do.

Keep calm and costume on.

Below are costumes that are easy to create with pieces most girls already own, are super cute, and are far more original than the tired bunny and the dreaded cat.  In fact, no animal ears are involved at all.


  • No surprises that this is my first idea… I can’t get enough of this girl. Shine bright like a diamond on halloweekend by channeling Riri’s edgy bad girl vibe while letting that Caribbean color shine through.
  • bustier top: $116; skirt: £27.00 H&M UK; denim vest: $250; boots: $150 Steve Madden


  • The music legend’s “Like A Virgin” look is a classic for 80’s themed occasions, so why not take it out on halloweekend? It’s equal parts rebellious and fun, which makes it ideal for a costume party. The key to pulling it off is in the accessories: the more pearls, crosses, and lace the better.
  • corset: $32; skirt: Balmain, price upon request at Bergdorf Goodman, NYC; cross earings: $12; cross necklace: $8.50


  • Let’s face it: red, white and blue is somehow extremely flattering (props to Betsy Ross) and you will undoubtedly be the most popular girl at any frat party you go to.  Boys love ‘murica, and so do I, so let’s rock it like it’s Independence Day.
  • shorts: $60; boots: $30; tank: $3

Cher Horowitz

  • “Okay, so you’re probably going, “Is this like a Noxzema commercial or what?” But seriously, I actually have a way normal life for a teenage girl.”  When it comes to Cher I am speechless- she is the quintessential betch (made official by  Anyone worth talking to will recognize this costume.
  • dress: $18 Wet Seal; heels: $720; boa: $6

Hella Hipster

  • If you can’t beat em, join em: dress head to toe hipster without the judgement for this weekend only.  It’s a cute, laid back and comfortable costume that is incredibly easy to piece together.  Mustache is a must.
  • shirt: $48; shorts: $64; tights: $20 Zara; necklace: $11

Happy Halloweekend!



cheers to a dorm apt.

21 Aug

Let’s let out a collective squeal of excitement for …wait for it wait for it… me moving into an apartment in two weeks!

After a year of living in a claustrophobia inducing dorm room, it is feels incredible to know that for the next year I will have a kitchen, two bathrooms, and a living room to call my own {and to share with four roommates but that just adds to the thrill} besides my own bedroom.

After basking in the sheer space an apartment offers, I started DIYing my way towards what I hope to be a trendy and chic living space- on a budget of course.  That’s why on rainy days this summer, and okay some sunny days too, I spent my time crafting for the bare white walls that await me.

Over the next few days I will be posting the step by step instructions on how to craft some of the DIY projects I have finished.  Check back soon!


lessons from an occasionally sloppy freshman year

31 Jul

Every day I am endlessly grateful that I did not gain the freshman 15.  It is the notorious chunkiness that haunts first year college girls from September until May when they can finally breathe a sigh of relief and say goodbye to the dining hall and its temptations.  Or, those who are not so fortunate, can head home knowing that they are THAT girl who gave into too many d-hall cookies and late night pizza runs.

But like I said, I escaped the wrath of those menacing 15 pounds.  I did however come away from freshman year with a little more knowledge to guide me into my sophomore year.  After months of being a freshman girl in college and hanging out with other  freshman girls, here is some of the greatest wisdom I came away with.

  1. If you are not sure of how far the frat party is, or how long you will be staying there, forget the idea of wearing heels all together.  Nothing is worse than sustaining crippling wounds (okay, “blisters”) on your feet because you walked 3 miles to the Sig Ep party at which you stayed for 10 minutes and then left because it was too hot and every boy was below a 5.  Save the stilettos for the crew party.

    so not worth it

  2. It is a right of passage for a freshman girl to not remember the name of the first boy she hooks up with, and maybe even the second.  But by the third, get your shit together and at least get initials.

    what was his name again?

  3. Even if you are hiding from the freshman 15 like you hide from your 8 a.m chem lab, you should still hit up the local pizza joint where everyone congregates on weekend nights after an evening of partying.  It is almost always a great time and nothing tastes better than BBQ chicken pizza at 2 a.m. after a night of cranberry vodkas.

    can I use my student ID to pay?

  4. Speaking of that 8 a.m. class, even though you feel like you might die everytime your alarm goes off before 10 a.m. during the weekdays, it is always worth it to drag yourself out of bed and get to class.  No exceptions.

    one of the worst sounds in the world

  5. It is incredibly easy to fall into a rut of a strict sweatpants and uggs dress code once it gets cold out, but remind your self one thing every morning: it is just as easy to put on a pair of jeans and leather boots and you will feel a hundred times better about yourself.

    classroom chic

  6. As a friend of mine learned the hard way, it is absolutley illegal to pee behind the dumpster of a frat house.  Long story short, she now has a mug shot.

    “that’s the sound of da police in my hood”

  7. Figure out what you are interested in and get involved.  If it revolves around a passion you have that’s great.  If it is career oriented, that’s even better.  For me, being on the dance team introduced me to some great friends and kept me in shape, while working for my school’s magazine gave me an opportunity to start writing.

    NU Huskies Dance Team

  8. Your professors are different from your high school teachers in that they have serious connections to important people in their fields.  Utilize them beyond the classroom and get them to introduce you to their high status buddies.

    blah blah blah I can hook you up with a great internship

  9.  Get close with your friends… and their closets! In addition to being able to talk to them and go to football games with them, friends are great for when it seems like you’ve worn everything in your closet a billion and a half times.  It’s hard to keep up a fresh wardrobe on a college student budget.  So when your clothes seem tired, head on down the hall to your girlfriends’ closets!

    so let’s ditch this hockey game and head to that party on Symphony Street… oh by the way can I borrow your blue skirt and nude pumps?

  10.  As incredible as girlfriends are, it’s also awesome to have solid guy friends.  Living in such close quarters with girls can lead to some inevitable drama.  Guys tend to be fuss-free and are always down to go on spontaneous trips.

    sup bro

    So here’s to an even more amazing sophomore year!