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DIY magazine cover poster

28 Aug

So this DIY was actually for my room at home, but it could also be useful to fill up empty wall space in a dorm.  It’s colorful, stylish and simple.  When decorating a small space, it is important to avoid excessively busy or cluttered decorations.

  1. Supplies: magazines, ruler, pencil, scissors, poster, frame, tape/glue
  2. Find your favorite magazine covers and carefully cut them off of the spine of the magazine.  I recommend using the same magazine to keep the look uniform, but in varying colors to create contrast.

    glamour glamour glamour

    it helps to pull the cover off of the spine first

    3. Evenly space out the magazine covers on the poster board and then tape or glue them down.

    4.  Your dunzo! Hang it up and enjoy!

    just hanging with my girls tay and rih rih












DIY dream catcher

21 Aug

Dream catchers are making a comeback everywhere from tattoos to phone cases to jewelry, so why not have a real one in your dorm?

This project was extremely easy and fun to make, but it did require a lot of materials.

  1. Supplies {some that I used}: a round wooden hoop, a doily, string, beads, twine, lace, a hot glue gun, shells, feathers, and ribbon
  2. Wrap the twine {or any kind of chord} around the outside of the hoop using hot glue every few inches to hold it in place.

shannon demonstrating how to glue and wrap

3. After you’ve finished wrapping the whole hoop, use thread to weave in and out of the doily and around the hoop the secure the doily in the center.

the base

4. Start adding any kind of dangling strings that you want! This is the most creative and enjoyable part of the project.  Vary the lengths and the kind of material that you use as you go along.  I chose to keep mine pretty neutral with the exception of a few colored beads and ribbons.

the final product














here’s a link to the dream catcher that inspired mine!


cheers to a dorm apt.

21 Aug

Let’s let out a collective squeal of excitement for …wait for it wait for it… me moving into an apartment in two weeks!

After a year of living in a claustrophobia inducing dorm room, it is feels incredible to know that for the next year I will have a kitchen, two bathrooms, and a living room to call my own {and to share with four roommates but that just adds to the thrill} besides my own bedroom.

After basking in the sheer space an apartment offers, I started DIYing my way towards what I hope to be a trendy and chic living space- on a budget of course.  That’s why on rainy days this summer, and okay some sunny days too, I spent my time crafting for the bare white walls that await me.

Over the next few days I will be posting the step by step instructions on how to craft some of the DIY projects I have finished.  Check back soon!


stud me maybe?

8 Aug

While we can’t all be as rocker-chick fierce as the beloved Rihanna, the time has come for the inner bad girl inside to come out of the steel fastened, leather bound closet she has been chained to for so long—and fashionably! A hint of the bad girl image with a fashion forward spin (and without looking like you just stepped out of a rock concert) can only mean one thing: studs.

While leather jeggings may need to remain locked in a trunk for a few more years (who knows, they could come back!), studs are the perfect rocker-bling medium that can add a little edge to any outfit. From high-wasted shorts to bags to belts to shoes and everything in between, studs offer the versatility to be bold or subtle, depending on how many you use.

Another great upside to this look: customization. Buying studded apparel often comes with a large price tag, one that’s just too high for those of us saving every dollar we make this summer for things we need to buy at school (and I don’t mean pencils). The bright side of this comes with three little letters: DIY! Studs can be purchased online or in craft stores and can be applied to almost anything. The process seems a little difficult but definitely worth it when you can create your own personalized clothing.

So whether you’re already a hard-core rocker or just looking to add an edgy vibe to your wardrobe, do your inner Ri Ri a favor and embrace the studs.

Here are some of my favorites:

Happy studding!


the sunday skinny

8 Jul

The end of a fabulous fourth of July week can only mean one thing: new favorites!  From american flag obsessed DIY-ers to celebrity drama surrounding Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s divorce (you go Katie!) this week has it all. So as you wind down from a week of food, friends, parties and people proclaiming their love for “‘murica,” take a second to check out of our favorites.

Favorite beverage:

Sangria is easily one of the best treats of summer. Fruit, wine and deliciousness all in one pretty little pitcher, what could be better? This is a must try.

Favorite ‘merica-themed DIY:

Cute and patriotic! These shorts are easy to make and look adorable with almost any white top. A perfect fourth of July outfit!

Favorite abs:

Okay so it’s not a new favorite, but Channing Tatum’s abs are at a whole new level is his movie Magic Mike. We all know that Channing’s midsection has been famous since their debut in Step Up, but this latest movie features the up close and personal version. Be prepared to drool ladies.

Favorite silly:

These mugs would make a cute gift!

Favorite brilliant idea:

This looks so easy, cute, and personalized. So many options at a low cost!


the sunday skinny

10 Jun

It’s Sunday again and you know what that means: time to dish out the skinny on what we loved the most from this week. From the MTV Movie Awards to the Miss USA Pageant, I spent a good part of my time oo-ing, ahh-ing and eww-ing at the TV (I think its time to send some of the Miss USA contestants a round of burgers). Here are the fabulous favorites for this week.

favorite red carpet outfit:

Charlize Theron wows in this red dress. Classy from head to toe, this gorgeous actress turns heads with ease. If only the rest of us could be so lucky!

favorite way to avoid boredom:

DIY-ing! You end up with totally unique and awesome items, it’s actually really fun! And it’s way better than sitting in front of the TV all day watching re-runs. Check out Kelsey’s post on DIY shorts for more information about our DIY day.

new favorite gossip:

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are ENGAGED. Lucky bitch. But I can’t help but wonder if Kim Kardashian is rooting for the possibility of the marriage failing faster than hers.

favorite random celebrity appearance:

Joe Jonas. Why you were a judge for Miss USA 2012 is beyond me. But he must have felt very confident next to fellow random celebrity judge Rob Kardashian.

favorite quote:

Let’s be real. Retail therapy is therapy for a reason. Nothing beats slipping on a brand new pair of spiky stilettos or sparkly flats after a terrible week. The best part? Shoes are the one aspect of fashion always guaranteed to fit.


DIY: lace shorts

6 Jun

If you are like me and are obsessed with Pinterest, you have probably been bombarded with images of run of the mill jean shorts made over with lace and transformed into an ultra-trendy version of the classic original.  The best part about these DIY bottoms is that they are totally unique to the owner.  I personally love the lace versions, but have also seen super cute shorts done up with patterned fabric as well.

Today I decided that my denim threads needed a little makeover and thus began my journey as a DIY-er {a summer goal of mine}.  Thankfully, my project was a success and I’m pumped to wear my new shorts.  Here is a step-by-step guide to lace-ifying jean shorts so you can make yours just as chic!  The whole process took about an hour.

1Materials: pencils or sharpie, scissors, needle, thread {I recommend white for lace}, sewing pins, jean shorts, and lace.  To go the cheaper route, look around your house for any lace fabric that you can cut into.  I was on my way to the craft store when I remember this heinous bride’s maid dress my mom once wore sitting in the garage just waiting to be torn up.

2. Measure: Cut a piece of lace slightly larger than the area of the short you want to cover.  Line up the lace with the jeans and use the sewing pins to attach the corners of the shorts to the lace.  Dot the outline with pencil or sharpie, and then take off the lace and cut out the outline.

3. Sew: After you cut the fabric, realign the lace to the shorts and pin it again.  Begin sewing, being careful to not sew the pocket together, or to interfere with the belt loops or the zipper.  I recommend decorating the left side of the shorts so that it will be on the underside of the zipper {aka not what I did}.

4. Refine: Cut any excess lace from the seams and then you’re done!

This also looks great on the back pockets of jeans!  Let me know what you think and how yours turn out by commenting below!