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DIY: lace shorts

6 Jun

If you are like me and are obsessed with Pinterest, you have probably been bombarded with images of run of the mill jean shorts made over with lace and transformed into an ultra-trendy version of the classic original.  The best part about these DIY bottoms is that they are totally unique to the owner.  I personally love the lace versions, but have also seen super cute shorts done up with patterned fabric as well.

Today I decided that my denim threads needed a little makeover and thus began my journey as a DIY-er {a summer goal of mine}.  Thankfully, my project was a success and I’m pumped to wear my new shorts.  Here is a step-by-step guide to lace-ifying jean shorts so you can make yours just as chic!  The whole process took about an hour.

1Materials: pencils or sharpie, scissors, needle, thread {I recommend white for lace}, sewing pins, jean shorts, and lace.  To go the cheaper route, look around your house for any lace fabric that you can cut into.  I was on my way to the craft store when I remember this heinous bride’s maid dress my mom once wore sitting in the garage just waiting to be torn up.

2. Measure: Cut a piece of lace slightly larger than the area of the short you want to cover.  Line up the lace with the jeans and use the sewing pins to attach the corners of the shorts to the lace.  Dot the outline with pencil or sharpie, and then take off the lace and cut out the outline.

3. Sew: After you cut the fabric, realign the lace to the shorts and pin it again.  Begin sewing, being careful to not sew the pocket together, or to interfere with the belt loops or the zipper.  I recommend decorating the left side of the shorts so that it will be on the underside of the zipper {aka not what I did}.

4. Refine: Cut any excess lace from the seams and then you’re done!

This also looks great on the back pockets of jeans!  Let me know what you think and how yours turn out by commenting below!



it’s not your average fling

29 May

My summer so far has led me to the search for my warm weather soul mate.  The one who will lovingly envelop me.  Who will comfort me, but still make me feel a little edgy.  Who will look a little roughed up, short, or even have some tears, but will still be classy.  Oh, you thought I was talking about a boy? No, no, no.  I meant my search for the perfect pair of high waisted shorts!

I am not only searching, I am craving and dying for the perfect denim shorts.  Don’t get me wrong, my ex, the lowrise, has treated me well.  He was there for me at the beach when I wanted to look chill, at parties when I wanted to look cute but not like I tried to hard, and never complained when we just hung around the house with a t-shirt.  But I feel like I’m ready to take things to the next level.

With the high waisted look as a leading trend this season, you would think it would be easy to score a killer pair.  That’s where I was wrong.  First of all, when it actually comes down to it, it’s pretty damn hard to tell when shorts are high waisted and when they aren’t by just looking at the rack… or maybe I’m a little spatially challenged.  Either way, it is a constant battle determining if shorts will fall below or above my naval when I work up the effort to bring them to the fitting room.  Today at the mall, one store was nice enough to clearly mark the cut of their jeans; however, all the signs tragically stared at me screaming “lowrise” one after the other.

So until the day does come for me to spend seven minutes in dressing room heaven with my new summer beau, the high waisted shorts, here is a little eye candy to keep me (and you) satisfied.



{color pop}


{all images and shorts from nastygal.com}