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so happy to be strappy

27 Mar

I can’t look at a store front, magazine or blog without being bombarded with strappy heels for spring- but I don’t hate it one bit.  This extremely leg slimming style and overall flattering shape is perfect to pair with anything and everything from boyfriend jeans to skater skirts.  What’s even more fun is that with so little material, it’s easy to go bold with wild colors and patterns like metallic or neon without overdoing it.  Since the trend started taking over runways for spring, I fell in love- and have already scored a pair for myself in classic black, white and gold.  Glamour Magazine’s tip: the thicker the ankle band, the skinnier your ankle will look.

Elongate legs in shorts and heels- just make sure the higher the heel the longer the shorts!

Elongate legs in shorts and heels- just make sure the higher the heel the longer the shorts!

Feeling overwhelmed in print pants? Pair it with a simple shoe.

Feeling overwhelmed in print pants? Pair it with a simple shoe.

Flirty with a bold and flowy skirt.

Flirty with a bold and flowy skirt.

They can even go tough with a layered military-esq jacket.

They can even go tough with a layered military-esq jacket.

What is your favorite way to style strappy spring heels?



eternal coziness

28 Nov

Practicality and trendiness collide this season in the chic warmth of the infinity scarf.  The winter wear that made its mainstream debut last year is back and stronger than before in even more colors, textures, fabrics and lengths.  The scarf pairs well with everything from classic peacoats and edgy leather jackets for outdoor use, or can stand alone with any top as the snuggliest necklace you’ve ever experienced.

Infinity scarves are especially great for perfecting the art of stylish layering, a challenge to even the most fashionable of women.  They can be draped over just about anything to add dimension and interest to any outfit… and did I mention they keep you warm? Because this winter weather staple has some serious edge on other outerwear when it comes to bundling.

Still need convincing?  Check out the street style of these chic celebs:

Jessica Szohr

  • The Gossip Girl star lets her neon scarf be the focus of an otherwise muted outfit.  To get Jessica’s look, pair a bright-colored scarf with a neutral outfit to let the hue really pop.

Kourtney Kardashian

  • Fan favorite among the members of the Reality TV royal family, Kourt K. bridges the gap between her preppy peacoat and edgy bag with a dark olive scarf.  This can be useful in balancing toning down more extreme trends, like Kourtney’s studded leather hobo.

Jessica Alba

  • Jess’s gray colored infinity scarf looks effortlessly layered and styled.  Paired with lace up military boots and black accessories, this outfit oozes a trendy but laid back vibe.

Zoe Saldana

  • Zoe’s scarf relaxes her structured blazer and heels, without making the look any less formal or chic.  By not letting her scarf overwhelm her collar, it works more as an accessory than outerwear.

To snatch your own, check out H&M, Asos, and Nasty Gal.


halloweekend inspiration

16 Oct

In the upcoming week, college girls across the nation will be faced with an extraordinary predicament.  No, it is not the inevitable yet dreaded midterm season that boosts stress levels through the roof.  Nor is it parents’ weekend, when mom and dad get the prime opportunity to mortify their offspring by piling every single “food” item in the dining hall high on a plastic tray while sporting a broad grin and gaudy fan wear.  While these events are less than pleasing, the situation I am discussing is far more taxing on the collegiate’s psyche.

“What the eff am I going to be for halloween?”

Correction: halloweekend, the name given to the entire weekend devoted to dressing up in frivolous get-ups and hitting up all the right costume parties.  For her whole life, the college girl has been preparing for this event each October 31 when she dressed up to go trick-or-treating.  But now the stakes have been raised.  Long gone are the days of throwing on a cape and a witch’s hat.  A collegiate’s costume should be sexy, but not slutty. It should be creative, but not warrant “who invited the freak” looks ahem Cady Heron.  And it will be seen in the hundreds of pictures and selfies guaranteed to be taken that night and documented for eternity on Facebook.

And this year, as Halloween is on a Wednesday…. two halloweekends in a row? What’s a girl to do.

Keep calm and costume on.

Below are costumes that are easy to create with pieces most girls already own, are super cute, and are far more original than the tired bunny and the dreaded cat.  In fact, no animal ears are involved at all.


  • No surprises that this is my first idea… I can’t get enough of this girl. Shine bright like a diamond on halloweekend by channeling Riri’s edgy bad girl vibe while letting that Caribbean color shine through.
  • bustier top: $116; skirt: £27.00 H&M UK; denim vest: $250; boots: $150 Steve Madden


  • The music legend’s “Like A Virgin” look is a classic for 80’s themed occasions, so why not take it out on halloweekend? It’s equal parts rebellious and fun, which makes it ideal for a costume party. The key to pulling it off is in the accessories: the more pearls, crosses, and lace the better.
  • corset: $32; skirt: Balmain, price upon request at Bergdorf Goodman, NYC; cross earings: $12; cross necklace: $8.50


  • Let’s face it: red, white and blue is somehow extremely flattering (props to Betsy Ross) and you will undoubtedly be the most popular girl at any frat party you go to.  Boys love ‘murica, and so do I, so let’s rock it like it’s Independence Day.
  • shorts: $60; boots: $30; tank: $3

Cher Horowitz

  • “Okay, so you’re probably going, “Is this like a Noxzema commercial or what?” But seriously, I actually have a way normal life for a teenage girl.”  When it comes to Cher I am speechless- she is the quintessential betch (made official by  Anyone worth talking to will recognize this costume.
  • dress: $18 Wet Seal; heels: $720; boa: $6

Hella Hipster

  • If you can’t beat em, join em: dress head to toe hipster without the judgement for this weekend only.  It’s a cute, laid back and comfortable costume that is incredibly easy to piece together.  Mustache is a must.
  • shirt: $48; shorts: $64; tights: $20 Zara; necklace: $11

Happy Halloweekend!


the sunday skinny

7 Oct

With two weekends of the lovely October under our belt, it is hard to ignore all that is wonderful about autumn… not that I’m trying to.  As I meander through the historically scenic streets of downtown Boston, my college home, I am surrounded by crimson leaves and  burnt foliage that make me crave everything apple and cinnamon flavored.  As a Connecticut girl, I’m accustomed to seasonal activities like apple picking and pumpkin patch scouring which are kind of tricky to do in a city.  Luckily, Boston is fulfilling my unrelenting desire for full on fall immersion with plenty of farmers markets with fresh apple cider and mini pumpkins perfect for my dorm desk.  You could say I’m experiencing a fall frenzy.

Therefore, I dedicate this sunday skinny to all that is fresh and fun about fall.

Favorite Pumpkin Decoration:

Turn an traditional October staple into a trendy decoration by painting the outside of a small pumpkin with glitter, and carving out the inside to fit a fall scented candle.

Favorite Fall Drink:

Easy and simple: hot apple cider. All you need is a mug, a jug of cider, a microwave, and a cozy chair to drink it in.

Favorite Fall Look:

This look captures the essence of relaxed style, which makes it perfect for a day of fall festivities.

Favorite Fall Food:

A classic comfort food to ease you into the colder weather.

Favorite Fall Foliage:

I dare you to find a sight more enchanting than New England in the fall.

If this doesn’t leave you craving a pumpkin spiced latte, I don’t know what will.


DIY magazine cover poster

28 Aug

So this DIY was actually for my room at home, but it could also be useful to fill up empty wall space in a dorm.  It’s colorful, stylish and simple.  When decorating a small space, it is important to avoid excessively busy or cluttered decorations.

  1. Supplies: magazines, ruler, pencil, scissors, poster, frame, tape/glue
  2. Find your favorite magazine covers and carefully cut them off of the spine of the magazine.  I recommend using the same magazine to keep the look uniform, but in varying colors to create contrast.

    glamour glamour glamour

    it helps to pull the cover off of the spine first

    3. Evenly space out the magazine covers on the poster board and then tape or glue them down.

    4.  Your dunzo! Hang it up and enjoy!

    just hanging with my girls tay and rih rih











DIY dream catcher

21 Aug

Dream catchers are making a comeback everywhere from tattoos to phone cases to jewelry, so why not have a real one in your dorm?

This project was extremely easy and fun to make, but it did require a lot of materials.

  1. Supplies {some that I used}: a round wooden hoop, a doily, string, beads, twine, lace, a hot glue gun, shells, feathers, and ribbon
  2. Wrap the twine {or any kind of chord} around the outside of the hoop using hot glue every few inches to hold it in place.

shannon demonstrating how to glue and wrap

3. After you’ve finished wrapping the whole hoop, use thread to weave in and out of the doily and around the hoop the secure the doily in the center.

the base

4. Start adding any kind of dangling strings that you want! This is the most creative and enjoyable part of the project.  Vary the lengths and the kind of material that you use as you go along.  I chose to keep mine pretty neutral with the exception of a few colored beads and ribbons.

the final product














here’s a link to the dream catcher that inspired mine!


cheers to a dorm apt.

21 Aug

Let’s let out a collective squeal of excitement for …wait for it wait for it… me moving into an apartment in two weeks!

After a year of living in a claustrophobia inducing dorm room, it is feels incredible to know that for the next year I will have a kitchen, two bathrooms, and a living room to call my own {and to share with four roommates but that just adds to the thrill} besides my own bedroom.

After basking in the sheer space an apartment offers, I started DIYing my way towards what I hope to be a trendy and chic living space- on a budget of course.  That’s why on rainy days this summer, and okay some sunny days too, I spent my time crafting for the bare white walls that await me.

Over the next few days I will be posting the step by step instructions on how to craft some of the DIY projects I have finished.  Check back soon!